Front Load Pay Station/One Bill Acceptor/
Credit Card/Coin Acceptor/One Coin Hopper/
Single-Note Bill Dispenser

Standard's Guardian XP series of Car Wash Entry Systems were designed to address the marketing and promotions needs of car wash operators. Seeing a need to provide a cost-effective solution for the low-cost promotions such as: Time-of-Day and Day-of-Week Discount Codes, Charity Codes, Promotional Discount Codes, Fleet Codes, One-Time Use Codes, etc. This flexibility allows owners to promote their wash throughout their community and offer special pricing that will appeal to a lot of different demographic targets.

The GXP-BX includes all the features and functions of the GXP model, plus the addition of your choice of a Single-Note or Dual-Note Fujitsu Bill Dispenser. The GXP-BX Pay Station has been used as a stand alone attendant for high-end express washes and tunnel washes. It can be used in a multi-lane tunnel wash as a payment terminal and gate controller, allowing the pay station to open/close gates that control traffic flow into the main wash lane.

The GXP-BX can accept most forms of payment: Bills, Coins, Tokens, Credit Cards, and Codes. It has a Coin Hopper that will dispense change for any cash overpayment, or can dispense a bonus token that can be used for vacuums or vending machines. The GXP can process credit cards via dial-up phone connections or hi-speed internet connections. It can also interface with "Pay-At-Pump" POS code devices and the SitePRO+ Remote Management System.

The Guardian XP-BX is a versatile and flexible machine at an affordable price with cost-effective performance and promotional programs.

GXP-BX features:

  • Front Load configuration for Automatic Wash Entry
  • Choice of "Free Standing" or "Retrofit" Cabinet Design
  • (1) MEI (Mars) Bill Acceptor - accepts $1 - $20 Bills - with 500 Bills Stacker
    (Cashcode Currenza available in Canada)
  • (1) Weatherproof, Mag Stripe Card Reader
  • (1) Steel, Modular Series Coin Hoppers - hold up to 2,000 Quarters ($500 capacity)
  • (1) IDX Electronic Coin Acceptor for $1 Coins, Qtrs and up to (4) Tokens
  • Single-Note Fujitsu Bill Dispenser - holds up to 1,000 (new) Bills
  • Sunlight-resistant LCD Display
  • (4) Lighted, Steel Wash Selection Buttons
  • 12-key Steel Keypad for Code Entry, Programming and Reporting functions
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet with applied Lexan graphics Decal
  • LED Accent Lights on the face of the machine for easy visibility
  • Stainless Steel Coin Cup
  • (2) Crank Locks with Medeco Lock Plugs
  • One Year Limited Warranty
    ACCEPTS: $1 | $5 | $10 | $20 Bills
    Quarters & $1 Coins | Codes
    DISPENSES: One Denomination of Coins or Tokens;
    One Denomination of Bills (Single Note Dispenser) -or-
    Two Denominations of Bills (Optional Dual Note Dispenser)
    COINS CAPACITY: 2,000 Quarters ($500)
    DIMENSIONS: 30"H x 27"W x 15"D
    SHIP WEIGHT: 250 lbs.
  • Download Brochure: GXP-BX Brochure
  • Car Wash, Specialty



20" Straight Stainless Steel Base - Curb Install 26" Straight Stainless Steel Base - No Curb/Level Install
Fujitsu Dual-Note Bill Dispenser - holds up to 1,000 (new) Bills MEI (Mars) 700 bill Stacker Upgrade
Coinco Vantage Bill Acceptor : $1 - $20 (U.S.) MEI (Mars) Bill Acceptor : $5 - $20 (CAN)
Cashcode Currenza Bill Acceptor : $5 - $20 (CAN) Second 2.0K Coin/Token Hopper
Locking Coin Hopper Lid IDX Coin Acceptor with Divertor Chute - replenish hopper
Voice Module & Proximity Sensor Kit (Voice Prompts) Custom Voice Prompts (Male or Female)
Intercom Module : 2-way communication on site Voice/Prox/Intercom Module w/ "Call Attendant" button
Pin Hole Security Camera Kit GXP Cabinet Alarm Kit
Facility Alarm Interface Only Kit Alarm Dialer with Auto Reset Function
Cooling Fan Kit 240-Watt Heater Kit w/ Thermostat Control
Up to 4 Additional Wash Selection/Upsell Buttons Choice of Red, Green, Amber color Button Lights
Credit Card Processing - Datacap IPTran Credit Card Processing - Nayax or Cryptopay
SitePRO-Basic Remote Management System (GXP Only) SitePRO-Plus Remote Management System (Entire Site)
Receipt & Audit Printer Kit Pay-At-Pump POS System Intergration
Tunnel Car Wash Gate Controller Systems Custom Lexan Decal