Standard to Discontinue Service on System 500 Bill Acceptors

  • January 10, 2015
  • K. Kious, Natl. Service Mgr.
System 500 Bill Acceptors

Standard Change-Makers, Inc. announces that effective April 1, 2015 our Service Department will no longer provide service on the System 500 bill validators.

The System 500 was originally introduced in 1987. It was the first bill validator that accepted $1 through $20 bills. An innovation for many self-serve industries, allowing them to accept $10 and $20 bills had a great impact on their ability to generate additional revenues in the coin laundry, car wash, and amusement businesses. You can identify the System 500 bill acceptor by the BLACK decal that has "SYSTEM 500" and the Standard Change-Makers logo printed on the endcap.



  • December 28, 2014
  • Kris Kious
MC Hopper Board

Many of our Modular Series (MC) change machines are sold without the optional Expanded Function (EF) Module. The EF Module has a LCD display that provides detailed Audit reports, Programming options, along with Diagnostics and Error History reports.

Without the optional EF Module, Modular series change machine owners must rely on the Out of Service Light, Bill Acceptor Entry LED (if applicable) and the Status, Power, and Interrupter LED's on the dispenser boards.


Troubleshooting System 600 (SC) POWER FAULT ERRORS

  • December 22, 2014
  • Kris Kious

A common complaint on older (System 500/600) SC series machines is when the Data Terminal displays “PWR FAULT.” The Power Fault Error indicates that the 5 volt DC line supplied by the internal Power Supply Board had dropped down below a 4.5 DC volt minimum momentarily.


EASYPAY Kiosk redesigned for "Chip and PIN" Mandate

  • September 7, 2014
  • Mike Coons
Oct2015 Mandate

Visa and MasterCard have announced an October 2015 mandate, referred to as EMV, that essentially requires their merchants to comply with acceptance of the new "smart chip" cards, by updating their card acceptance equipment to read "chip cards" and provide encrypted key pads. For more information on this "Chip 'n' PIN" requirement, please see this Wall Street Journal article: October 2015: The End of the Swipe and Sign Credit Card"

Toward this goal, the EASYPAY kiosks and card terminals needed to be redesigned in order to accommodate new card readers, PIN pad and "tap & go" readers that will work with various mobile phone payment systems. Likewise, this new equipment is being certified for EBT card processing as well.

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