Rear Load / 1 Ticket Dispenser / 1 Bill Acceptor

Standard's Modular Series were designed for "simple function" operation and provide the ultimate in flexibility in a low-cost solution. The MC350RL-TIK is a machine that dispenses fanfold, paper tickets and is set-up for Cash Acceptance only. This rear load machine can hold up to 10,000 tickets and dispense either a 1" wide or 2" wide paper ticket.

The MC350RL-TIK has been used at various festivals and carnivals where organizers wanted a convenient way to allow patrons with exact change to set-up to a unattended line and purchase the tickets they needed for proof-of-admission, food or beverage tickets. Likewise, several zoos, bounce houses, fair, malls and FEC's have used the MC350RL-TIK to dispense tickets for train or pony, elephant or camel rides. These machines allow the businesses to sell proof-of-purchase tickets without hiring a person to attend a booth.

MC350RL-TIK Ticket Machine Features:

  • Rear Load configuration for Tickets only
  • (1) Bill Acceptor - accepts $1 - $20 Bills - with 500 Bills Stacker
    (Coinco Vantage, CPi (Mars) Talos, Pyramid APEX and Cashcode available)
  • (1) 1.156" Wide Ticket Dispenser - holds up to 10,000 paper, fanfold Tickets
  • Heavy gauge steel cabinets with Stainless Steel Faceplate
  • High gloss, powder-coat enamel paint finish with applied Lexan graphics decal
  • ETL certified in accordance with UL and CSA standards
  • Two Year Limited Warranty



MEI (Mars) Bill Acceptor (US or CAN) Pyramid Bill Acceptor (US)
Cashcode Currenza Bill Acceptor (CAN) Coinco 900 Bills Stacker Upgrade
Coinco 1,100 Bills Stacker Upgrade MEI 700 Bills Stacker Upgrade
MEI 1,000 Bills Stacker Upgrade Pyramid 1,000 Bills Stacker Upgrade
Cashcode 1,000 Bills Stacker Upgrade Stainless Steel Faceplate Upgrade
RL Mounting Brackets Kit EF+ Module - with Remote Notification
(1) Non-Resettable Bills/Coins Counter Kit (2) Non-Resettable Bills/Coins Counter Kit
(1) Resettable Bills/Coins Counter Kit (2) Resettable Bills/Coins Counter Kit
Electronic Coin Acceptor Kit Portable Audit Printer Kit (requires EF Module)
Transcient Surge Suppressor Medeco Lock Plug Upgrade for T-Handle Lock
Bill Acceptor Opening Cover Plate Custom/Oversize Stainless Steel Faceplate
180-watt Strip Heater (with thermostat)