EF+ Module

with Remote Notification Feature

Standard's Modular & Bill Exchanger Series change machines were designed for "simple function" dispensing. By this, we mean insert payment and recieve the programmed change. Pretty simple! In simple function programming for two-or-more denomination pay-out (like Dollar Coins and Quarters) you have to 'force vend' a specific number of coins and then make up for it with the other denomination. For example: For $5, $10, $20 bill acceptance - we can 'force vend' twenty quarters, then "make best change" in dollar coins (15-$1C for a $20, and 5-$1C for a $10). But what can you do when your business requires something unusual?

The EF+ Module allows you to program these different pay-outs. You can program any pay-out for the denominations you accept. In addition to programming pay-outs; it keeps track of diagnostic and operation errors, has multiple programming functions, and contains both a resettable and perpetual audit report. The EF+ Module becomes the brains of your change machine!

This second generation controller includes an Ethernet port that allows owners to hardwire a connection to an internet router/modem and to send themselves daily audit reports, low level hopper & bill stacker full alerts, and out of service alerts in real-time. You can program up to five email addresses or mobile phone SMS Text addresses.

Now, owners can see the previous day's revenue acitivity by checking the daily audit report on their phone, tablet, or computer from the comfort of their home or office. The hardwired Ethernet connection is more reliable than Bluetooth or WiFi signals, and alerts are sent without delay - so you know immediately when there is an issue with your change machine.

EF+ Module Features:

  • Works with ALL MC, BCX and BX Models with Modular Series Components
  • For internet communication - requires a hardwired Ethernet connection to IP router/modem
  • LCD Display with Menu driven system, soft touch pad for input and guidance
  • Audit Reports: Revenue, Bills In and Coins Out with Time & Date Stamp
  • Painted Steel Enclosure with EF+ Sticker
  • Tracks "Last 20 Bills Accepted" with Time & Date Stamp
  • Tracks Error Codes and Error Log Reports
  • Compatible with Portable Audit Printer - can print multiple reports to thermal paper
  • "Quick Send Email/Text" Audit Report Feature



Can be ordered in New Machines
Kits available for installation in existing machines