An exciting new amusement ride will greet guests at the Nashville Zoo this summer. The Soaring Eagle attraction will allow visitors to see their favorite zoo animals from above, on a 110-feet high two-way zip line. There is just one catch – customers must pay with tokens to ride. There are a few reasons tokens and tickets are so popular among amusement and attractions  providers. Because they aren’t cash, tokens and tickets can curb theft in parks and reduce the amount of time visitors have to spend in lines waiting to pay for rides individually.

950 Machine

950 Machine

The MC950-TIK change machine by Standard Change-Makers can handle cash and credit card payments, and dispense Tickets with change-making capability (for cash over-payments), or Tickets and Tokens. Designed specifically for use in zoos, amusements parks, aquariums, museums, shopping mall carousels and arcades that rely on tokens or tickets to provide their amusements. With one or two steel coin hoppers for quarters, dollar coins or tokens; and storage for up to 10,000 fanfold, paper tickets, the MC950-TIK will keep customers happy on busy days, and allow them to purchase tokens or tickets for train rides, carousels, camel rides, special shows, exhibits and more.

The great thing about token and ticket dispensers is these change machines can accept credit card payments and dispense tokens and tickets (they cannot dispense change on a credit card swipe). Tickets can be used for train rides, dolphin shows, special presentations and even zip lines! The tokens can be used in the bulk dispensers that have feed for a park or zoo’s goldfish, fish, ducks, geese and goats. It is nice to have ticket option because some zoos are getting away from token machines, as they don’t like to see metal tokens or coins in the water.

Summer is a very busy season for zoos and aquariums, the savviest of which have already adopted token and ticket machines to keep business running smoothly. Not only can tokens and tickets be customized to keep your payment process working well, but they also eliminate the need for employees to make change at attraction entrances, which shortens lines for attractions. Further, it’s more secure for the employees to not carry around cash.

Indoor Amusement Park

Indoor Amusement Park

Token and ticket dispensers allow customers to decide how much to spend before they set out to explore your zoo or park, and allow them to purchase enough tokens or tickets for their whole day in just one simple transaction. Of course, customers can easily come back for more later. Some attraction parks set up multiple change machines around the park for added convenience. The Nashville Zoo certainly knows what it’s doing: thanks to the help of tokens, visitors can easily access Lorikeet Landing, a unique attraction that allows guests to view lorikeets in their natural habitat and even feed the birds for a small fee.

There are a number of reasons to choose Standard Change-Makers to implement token or tickets use in your park or zoo. The sturdy and rugged construction of our machines, the Plug and Play optional features, reliable technical support services, and two-year limited warranty all make the return on investment more attractive.

Tokens and Tickets are attractive because they can be any value the operation needs. A token can be $1.00, $2.00 or $5.00 with a few programming changes. You can customize the token or ticket to your specific attraction or business, and many people will take them home as collector’s items. No one wants to feel stressed on vacation or during a day trip. This is exactly why tokens were created – to make things simpler, and keep customers satisfied.

Fast lines, easily-maintained budgets, unforgettable experiences: at the end of the day zoos and aquariums use token and tickets machines like the MC950-TIK and the MC920-CC to ensure their guests have the best visit possible.

Standard Change-Makers, Inc. is a small business which operates out of Indianapolis. While our primary business is centered on currency change machines, car entry systems and central payment kiosks for the coin laundry industry, our capabilities do not end there. We would love to help you improve your customers’ experience at your zoo or amusement attraction.

To learn more about how our line of products can help to enhance your customers’ summer vacation, visit We have everything you need to implement a streamlined, token-based payment system to keep customers coming back for more!

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