While many American manufacturers still choose to outsource some or all parts of their manufacturing processes, Standard Change-Makers, Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality products right here in the USA since 1955. Standard Change-Makers ensures that no corners are cut in their product development process by keeping the manufacturing process in-house. All of the metal components that make up their machines are made right at home in their Indianapolis plant to guarantee quality. And any components that are not manufactured in-house are purchased from American companies. Standard Change-Makers proudly manufactures change machines of the highest quality and performance standards.

Standard Change-Makers believes in providing not only the best equipment for their customers, but the best environment for their employees as well. The Standard Change-Makers labor force is made up of hard-working Americans, many of whom who have been with our company for 20 or more years. These long-term employees have a strong base of knowledge, experience, and expertise which allows Standard Change-Makers to provide quick responses to customer input to improve product offerings.

In fact, many Standard Change-Makers product innovations over the years began with a customer’s request or comment to one of their sales representatives or technicians about what would help their business run better. Such a close relationship between the Standard Change-Makers team and their customers would not be possible if they outsourced jobs. Their design engineers, software engineers, and support and sales teams work together to improve and innovate products and keep machines’ software updated. And their reputation for building the most secure cabinets, most reliable changers, and being the best investment value is a proven testament to the commitment of their hard-working employees and distributors.

Buying a change machine that’s fabricated from OEM parts, not designed and manufactured by the same company, can seem like an easy way to cut down on costs. But when problems arise, many times the answers are finger pointing to one of the other suppliers or design engineering firms. In the end, you bought a problem that can’t be resolved quickly – but you got it for a great price. But by choosing a single source, American-made product, you can ensure your company is getting the most value for its money. Standard Change-Makers is proud to develop all their change machines at home in the U.S., thus guaranteeing their customers are receiving the highest quality product on the market today.