With bill exchangers, it seems easy to take shortcuts or ignore casual cleaning and maintenance. People that are used to their coin change machines – it’s just a matter ofsimply emptying the coins into the hopper(s), pull the bills out of the stackers and go on your way. But with Bill-to-Bill (BX) and Bill-and-Coin (BCX) Exchanger models – you have to invest the extra time required to properly care for your machine. Taking a few extra minutes to go through preventative maintenance will ensure you have fewer operational issues and that translates to fewer headaches in the long run.

The first step is using the best quality bills you can find. It’s a time-consuming task, but something as simple as separating a good bill form a bad bill can cut down on the number of issues you might run into. We often recommend owners try to dispense higher denominations instead of $1 bills. This may feel like an insignificant decision, but it is much easier to secure good quality $5 bills, as $1 bills are more often more worn from use.

The second step concerns proper loading of bills into your machine. It is important to make sure there are no dog-ears or deep creases. If a bill sticks out in an odd way, it can cause your machine to jam, requiring you to go on-site to fix it. A headache for you! But a headache for your customers as well. Because of this reality, better quality bills are often the preferable option.

bxOur Bill-and-Coin-Exchanger Series (BCX) machines make excellent “automated attendants.” One of the common complaints at automated laundromats, car washes and parking lots is simply that if you need change and all you have is a twenty, you are not going to put that $20 bill in a regular change machine – be forced to  walking around with lots of quarters in your pockets all day. Our BCX machine solves that problem by distributing twenty quarters and three $5 bills, making the change your customer has to deal with much more manageable. If you have one of our Bill Exchanger (BX) series machines, you can break that same $20 bill into four $5 bills. These options allow you to follow the $5 rule and significantly cut down on not only the likelihood of jams in your machine, but also complaints from customers who are left with too much change to conveniently carry.

It’s also important to pay close attention to the maintenance instructions for cleaning your dispenser’s belts and rollers. Using alcohol and solvents on some types of rubber can cause the belts to become hard and brittle, which means you will start having more problems with the dispensing of bills. By keeping your machine clean and using the right cleaning tools, you can extend the life of your dispenser and ensure it works smoothly at all times.bcxfujfl-a

Our Bill Exchangers are secure and accurate, saving you the cost of labor and benefits associated with having a full-time attendant. Likewise, attendants have been know to give out the wrong change occasionally. In some instances, our machines can eliminate the need for an attendant altogether! If you take the steps to properly care for and maintain your machine, you can save yourself time, money and headaches. Want to learn more about our BX and BCX lines? Visit StandardChange.com to see how we can help you better serve your customers.

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