Many churches, clubs, and other organizations across the country sponsor events and festivals as a means of fundraising. Rather than charging entry fees, these groups prefer to sell tickets or tokens to be used for admission to rides, access to shows, food and beverage purchases, and more. However, this type of “controlled currency” approach necessitates proper token/ticket disbursement and accounting.  When contemplating using tokens or tickets for a business model, consider the following factors: 

  • Tickets and tokens can be dispensed from a change machine: Accurate machine dispensing removes the human error factor.
  • Tickets and tokens can be set at any value: When dealing with actual currency, monetary values don’t change—a quarter will always be worth 25¢. However, token and ticket values can be set at whatever amount best suits the purpose.
  • Charge more for tickets and tokens than the controlled currency truly cost: Setting higher values not only compensates event hosts for the costs paid for their tickets or tokens, but offers an additional revenue stream as well. For example, a token that costs 20¢ to purchase can be sold as a $3 beverage/food token. In addition, many guests don’t redeem their tokens or tickets, choosing to keep them as souvenirs instead. This results in additional profit as the cost for any unused event currency was recovered as soon as the customer made their purchase.
  • Ticket and token dispensers do accept credit cards: As opposed to actual cash, tickets and tokens have no true monetary value. Therefore, credit cards can be swiped for their purchase. This can be very advantageous for event hosts as statistics show that people tend to spend more when using their credit cards than when paying with cash. 

Since 1955, Standard Change-Makers, Inc. has been in the business of designing, manufacturing, and supporting currency change machines. Our product lineup offers diverse benefits for specialized events. 

  • Using client specified diameters and thicknesses, Standard Change-Makers’ change hoppers can be attuned to dispense tokens of varying sizes.
  • With the Credit Card-to-Token machines, such as the MC315RL-CC, users can choose a token quantity from four different Selection Packages and swipe their credit card to receive their specific token bundle. These dispensers also include an option to print a credit card receipt for the user’s records.
  • With the MC720-CC or MC535RL-CC, patrons have the choice to pay with either cash or credit card. One hopper can be filled with tokens and the other with pre-specified coin denominations to dispense change for cash overpayments.
  • The MC350RL-TIK (cash only) and MC350RL-CC (credit card only) machines dispense paper, fanfold redemption tickets instead of tokens. These machines dispense tickets sizes of 1.0”, 1.156” or 2.0” wide, and must have notched perforations for the ticket dispenser sensor to accurately count.
  • Using the menu driven system of our EF+ Module along with either a ticket or token dispensing machine not only provides audit reporting, but also allows for easy modifications to values and pay-out packages.
  • Placing several dispensers, such as the MCM100-TIK, throughout a venue, provides added convenience and shorter wait times. 

The token dispenser business model was made popular by the carwash industry decades ago. In fact, it’s where we learned the tricks of the trade. Since then, we have been on the forefront of many technological advances in bill acceptance and coin dispense. Our change machines provide long-lasting service with millions of cycles.  Let Standard Change-Makers show you how to make the most of your next event.