Don’t miss Standard Change-Makers in BOOTH 3071 at The Clean Show 2017 from June 5-8 in Las Vegas. The biennial laundry show will feature live demonstrations of the latest equipment innovation and educational seminars on current trends and issues in the laundry and dry cleaning business. One topic of concern in the industry today is money dispenser problems that can cause a customer to receive the incorrect amount of change—or not be able to use the machine at all. Jams in the machine can often be the culprit. Without technology that communicates between the machine and the owner, these issues often go undetected for long periods of time – leading to customer frustration and potentially lost revenue.

Standard Change-Makers understands these common problems and recently adapted their Bill Exchanger series design to combat these challenges. The company is looking forward to showcasing these new solutions at Booth 3071!

The newest Standard Change-Makers product, the Glory Bill Dispenser (Model BX1010-G), is a step forward in delivering a more reliable bill-dispensing change machine to the market. The Glory Bill Dispenser is a single denomination bill dispenser that can hold up to 1,000 ATM-quality bills. The easy-to-load storage tray coupled with their innovative software solutions help minimize double-bill dispense issues. Its horizontal dispensing was designed to not only improve dispense time for customers, it was also designed to reduce the distance a bill must travel during the dispense process. This innovation lowers the jamming potential and reduces out-of-service complaints.

The best feature of the new bill dispenser is its ability to send daily audit reports and out-of-service messages to up to five recipients through email or text messaging. Each Glory Bill Dispenser is supplied with the new EF+ Model. It tracks the number of bills dispensed and will alert the owner of low levels or issues when connected to the internet network via an Ethernet connection. This real-time feedback allows owners to know their daily sales activities and be alerted about “out of service” conditions that might go unnoticed otherwise. Standard Change-Makers’ new products allow owners to be more aware of the activity that goes on within their machines, making the dispensers more reliable and efficient for your operation.

An new optional feature in the BX-Glory series is the Attendant Key Display. This key-activated switch will display the last ten bills accepted with the date, time, and dispense amount appearing on an LCD display. Customers can see the amount inserted into the machine and number of bills dispensed. Using the LCD display, attendants can easily resolve any customer issues without having to access the inside of the machine. Plus, the switch will tell operators the number of bills remaining in the dispenser.

Standard Change-Maker’s newest product combats technical issues by providing the latest in bill exchange technology. Stop by Booth 3071 to see the Glory Bill Dispenser in action. To learn more about the new product and all of Standard Change Makers’ other offerings before the show, check out