In 2016, you probably take for granted that snazzy one-dollar bill that you so effortlessly slide into a vending machine, but in 1964, Standard Change-Makers, a currency changer company with over sixty years’ experience, revolutionized the coin machine industry by introducing a “Bill Acceptor,” which allowed the acceptance of one-dollar bills into their U.S. change machines.

James R. McNutt, Sr. founded Standard Change-Makers, Inc. in 1955, and he also paved the way for many product and design innovations that would soon follow. Standard Change-Makers manufacturing was first utilized in an upstairs room in downtown Indianapolis. James Richard McNutt was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, the only son of James Roy and Inez McNutt. He was a 1942 graduate of Park High School, and his will and perseverance helped to instill the character and discipline that catapulted the great coin machine company into what it still is today.

By 1964, Standard Change-Makers were beginning to create mechanical change machines that allowed customers to insert silver dollar coins or half-dollar coins, by twisting a tiny crank, and enabled the machine to dispense quarters, dimes and nickels (pretty awesome stuff). Even cooler to know is that the first original change machine sold for $89.50!

It was in 1978 that Standard Change-Makers first introduced a five-dollar bill acceptance device to their company line. Almost a decade later, Standard presented another technological advance, the “System 500,” which offered $1, $5, $10, and $20 bill acceptance.

Standard Change-Makers began to expand their distribution and reach throughout America, and by 1988, they were able to lease a 17,000 square foot building, which brought the company’s operations to three different buildings.

By 1998, they introduced the “System 600-FST,” among other high-quality bill acceptors, to avoid the emerging challenges of fraud. Standard Change-Makers’ early advertising might remind a modern person of something like the “Mad Men” TV series, but their resilient company has adapted and thrived during America’s changing times and even managed to be featured on the Discovery Channel’s “How It’s Made.”

Standard Change-Makers have over sixty years’ experience in the industry and offer an experienced and knowledgeable support team that have offered decades of reliable service to customers across the market. Check out these reliable American-Made products and discover more about Standard Change at