It’s the first nice day outside after weeks or months of gloom, and demand for car washes is strong. You’re ready to make your fleet of vehicles gleam in the sunshine, and you want to do so quickly.

Handling large fleets requires a simple and adaptable payment system.

Controlled access, code-based payment systems are the only way to ensure your business can handle any volume at any time. Why let a quick and efficient automated car wash get bogged down by a complicated tracking system or payment process?

Standard Change-Makers’ GXP-DLR, part of our Guardian XP series, can handle a variety of codes and code types. Drivers simply enter their assigned code and the appropriate wash will begin. It’s easy and painless, ensuring your employees can keep your company vehicles looking great and your accounting staff can easily track usage.

Automated car wash systems more than make up for the investment required to install them. Paying lot attendants to hand wash cars at a dealership is a significant drain on a company’s resources. The company ends up paying more money for less efficiency. In fact, the Technological University of Munich conducted a study with Mercedes-Benz and found that hand washed cars suffer more wear and damage to the cars’ finishes than automated car washes.

Automated car washes are simply better and more efficient. While an attendant might take half an hour to clean a single vehicle, an automated system can finish the job in minutes. Our code-based system helps your payment process keep up with the efficiency of the wash itself. In fact, we designed the GXP-DLR, dubbed the “dealership” machine, for military bases, car dealership, municipal vehicle washes and services that handle transit fleets and other large vehicles.

When controlled access to the wash is needed, our machine offers a versatile and easy to use option. It has a sunlight resistant LCD instructions display as well as a durable keypad for code entry and programming. Most importantly, as available technology improves, so does our product. The GXP-DLR can send daily reports, notifications and alarms to your computer or smartphone via text or email, ensuring you have the auditing trail you need without having to go directly to the machine.

With a history of excellent service and over 60 years of experience, Standard Change-Makers understands the trust and relationships we build with our customers are of the utmost importance. We work with you to make sure your needs are met. Because of this commitment, our code-based system goes a step farther than our competitors. While most system require that drivers receive the code from a teller before they can enter it (a step that needlessly wastes time), our system allows operators to assign individual codes to companies, departments, specific vehicles or individual drivers. This allows things to run smoothly and efficiently, keeping costs down and owners happy.

With the GXP-DLR, large volumes are never a problem, regardless of whether the wash deals with cars at a dealership or large transit vehicles. Not only does the machine come with a one-year warranty, it is backed by a company that has worked hard to build up a reputation for excellent service and superior products.

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