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Troubleshooting System 600 (SC) POWER FAULT ERRORS

A common complaint on older (System 500/600) SC series machines is when the Data Terminal displays “PWR FAULT.” The Power Fault Error indicates that the 5 volt DC line supplied by the internal Power Supply Board had dropped down below a 4.5 DC volt minimum momentarily. In general, if the change machine is never turned off, the power supply board can start to degrade within [...]

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General Maintenance Guide for System 600 Machines

For owners of older model System 500, 500-E and 600-FST bill acceptors/change machines, there is a guide available for general maintenance of the machine. The guide outlines the proper maintenance procedures for the bill acceptor, separating stacker devices and coin hoppers. For a FREE copy of this guide, click on the button below to download a printable PDF file. Download PDF    

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