Standard Change-Makers Introducing Coin Hopper Designs for Quarters or Dollar Coins

Standard Change-Makers has been designing and manufacturing its own steel enclosure coin hoppers for all of its change machines for many years. Since its introduction in 2004, the Modular Series standard coin hopper was designed to hold your choice of up to 3,200 Quarters or 2,500 Dollar Coins. The mechanism could handle either coin, and a simple dip switch setting was all that was needed [...]

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The “Dealership” Machine Helps Car Washes Take Control of their Time

It’s the first nice day outside after weeks or months of gloom, and demand for car washes is strong. You’re ready to make your fleet of vehicles gleam in the sunshine, and you want to do so quickly. Handling large fleets requires a simple and adaptable payment system. Controlled access, code-based payment systems are the only way to ensure your business can handle any volume [...]

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Prepare for lucrative Point of Sale options this Halloween with Standard Change-Makers

“A healthy scare is as good as a healthy laugh. In fact, they're two sides of the same coin.” -Mark Gatiss Every year, millions of Americans flock to their local happy haunt to absorb the thrills and chills of the Halloween season. According to Larry Kirchner of, it’s an estimated $1 billion-dollar industry, just for haunted houses alone. When you factor in other Halloween [...]

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