Standard Change-Makers Provides Instruction Manuals on Demand

No one wants to waste time looking for lost paperwork. Never is that more true when you have a simple fix to complete on a piece of machinery, and you can’t find your owner’s manual. Even though most equipment arrives with an instruction sheet or manual, they can easily get lost during installation or devoured by a drawer full of unorganized paperwork. At Standard Change-Makers, [...]

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Standard Change-Makers Introducing Coin Hopper Designs for Quarters or Dollar Coins

Standard Change-Makers has been designing and manufacturing its own steel enclosure coin hoppers for all of its change machines for many years. Since its introduction in 2004, the Modular Series standard coin hopper was designed to hold your choice of up to 3,200 Quarters or 2,500 Dollar Coins. The mechanism could handle either coin, and a simple dip switch setting was all that was needed [...]

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BCX Series Helps Laundry Owners and Customers!

Every year, a growing number of laundry services are switching over to a card based system. Instead of the traditional coin-operated machines, customers place money on a reusable card and swipe it each time they need to use a washer or dryer. In 2015, the Coin Laundry Association found 16% of all laundry services had already made the move to a card system. While this [...]

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