New Year, Same Record of Success for Standard Change-Makers

At Standard Change-Makers, we are proud to look back at 2016 and see a host of accomplishments. Our BCX series machines helped new businesses improve the way they operate. We forged new relationships and improved old ones. In every avenue, our team worked to optimize the way we operate. Now, as 2017 begins, we are looking forward to taking the drive and dedication that defined [...]

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Offering Real Change in an Industry That’s Built On It

Today it seems that we can have everything we want at the touch of a button. When the first automated roast beef dinner debuted in a vending machine in the 1940’s, people thought the idea was ludicrous. But the quick and efficient method of payment-collection and product-dispensation caught on. Today, you can purchase anything from new headphones to your morning coffee through an automated checkout [...]

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SC62 & SC22RL Machines Available With SC-Conversion Kit

Those old pros out there will recognize the Model Numbers: SC62 or SC22RL: the single bill acceptor models with two coin hoppers. The front load SC62 and rear load SC22RL both hold up to 6,400 quarters in heavy-duty steel cabinets. Both have two crank locks and Medeco lock plugs. These popular models have been used in a variety of industries, from car washes and laundromats [...]

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