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When It Comes to Dispensers, A Little Extra Effort Goes a Long Way

With bill exchangers, it seems easy to take shortcuts or ignore casual cleaning and maintenance. People that are used to their coin change machines – it's just a matter ofsimply emptying the coins into the hopper(s), pull the bills out of the stackers and go on your way. But with Bill-to-Bill (BX) and Bill-and-Coin (BCX) Exchanger models – you have to invest the extra time [...]

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BCX Series Helps Laundry Owners and Customers!

Every year, a growing number of laundry services are switching over to a card based system. Instead of the traditional coin-operated machines, customers place money on a reusable card and swipe it each time they need to use a washer or dryer. In 2015, the Coin Laundry Association found 16% of all laundry services had already made the move to a card system. While this [...]

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