Gone through a car wash lately? Been to the laundry mat or the video arcade? You’ve probably used a change machine made by Standard Change-Makers. Since 1955, Standard Change-Makers have been building and servicing quality products. They are constantly coming up with fresh innovations, and their products have become part of most businesses where automated payment and disbursement exists.

In the 1950’s, the popularity of vending machines created a need for a machine that could turn nickels and dimes into the quarters that were needed in order to use the vending machines. Jim McNutt, Sr., founder of Standard Change-Makers, saw the need for creating a machine that exchanged nickels and dimes into quarters, which led to the sophisticated devices we use today.Throughout the years, the many changes and advancements that were made, led to being awarded for customer service and quality construction. In 2008, the company was featured on the Discovery Channel’s television show, “How Things are Made”, a program that showcases the manufacturing process of everyday things that we take for granted. The segment showed how (insert the company’s name here) change machines are built, from the machining of the steel cabinet to the intricate workings of the coin dispersal unit.

Today, the company continues to grow with the industries they serve, by being on the forefront of technology for bill validation, electronic dispense, and modular “plug & play” components.  They have created technology to enhance the day-to-day operations of businesses from theaters to casinos. In 1964, the introduction of the first dollar bill acceptors were created, and manufactured by outside companies. It wasn’t until (company’s name) took control of the engineering and manufacturing of their own bill acceptors in 1987, that they were able to create machines that exchange $5, $10, and $20 bills. In 2010, (insert name of company) introduced Guardian XP (GXP) series of entry stations for automatic bays in car washes. This invention evolved over-time to the GXP-BE – Cashless, Card or Code entry station and the GXP-BX – Pay Station with bill dispense capability. Name of company started working with EZ Pay in 2009, which led to their engineers integrating the system with applications from laundry mats to gas stations.

For as long as they’ve been around, Standard Change-Makers has worked to design, engineer, build, and service the best products available. They pride themselves on providing support for their machines, whether they were purchased two days ago, or twenty years ago. They are still a family owned and operated company, headed by President Jim McNutt, Jr., and they are still looking for ways to fill the needs of businesses today. Learn more about their latest innovations, products, and service – visit standard change-makers today!