A trusted name since 1955, Standard Change-Makers has been creating and maintaining cutting edge, top-of-the-line equipment for customers in self-serve industries like laundromats, car washes, and arcades for over six decades. Housed in coin-operated businesses nationwide, their machines have stood the test of time, with continual improvements, adapting to the changing needs of consumers in an increasingly technology-driven age. They are proud of their high-quality machines, and their customer support and service are worth boasting about as well.

It all began with the System 500, introduced in 1987. It was the first bill-validator to accept all bills ranging in value from one dollar to twenty dollars. This innovation has had a huge impact on the self-service industry, offering many businesses the ability to generate additional revenues. “These bill validators have been in useful service for many years and have seen millions of cycles,” says Mike Coons of Standard Change-Makers. With such durable equipment comes a down-side: it has become difficult to secure parts for machines no longer in production. To address that problem, Coons continues, Standard Change-Makers has created the SC-Conversion Kit to help clients who use older machines where the bill validator needs more attention, but the hoppers and other components are still operating well.sc-convsersioncontroller-1

If this scenario applies to you, this new SC-Conversion Kit offers a solution by adapting the aging system’s bill acceptor (SC Series) to your choice of either an MEI or Coinco bill acceptor, while letting you keep the cabinet in place and continue using your existing coin hoppers. This kit was designed by Standard Change-Makers engineers to assist owners in minimizing their investment and deal effectively with machines that are aging and difficult to support, but still have some valuable working parts. The installation is simple, and detailed instructions for installing and operating are included in each kit.

If you are looking to invest in the newest technology, the System 600-EF is the latest generation of bill validator, and is a direct replacement for the System 500, 500-E and 600-FST units. It boasts a faster CPU, increased onboard memory, and quicker validation with an SD flash card for software and programming updates.

The SC-Conversion Kit includes the SC-Conversion Controller (which looks similar to the Modular Series EF Module) and includes the Remote Notification Feature: an Ethernet port that allows connection to your Network Router. Once set-up, it can send a Daily Audit Report to up to five mobile phones or email addresses. It can even be set-up to send text alerts to your mobile phone when the machine has an Out-of-Service condition.

Standard Change-Makers is synonymous with solid construction and proven longevity. This new SC-Conversion Kit allows you to continue using your trusty older machine, but with new, updated bill acceptance. It’s a simple solution to your service needs and a smart investment in the “life blood” of your business – providing change for your customers.

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Read out SC-Conversion Kits Brochure here.