INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Standard Change-Makers, Inc. announces that effective April 1, 2015 our Service Department will no longer provide service on the System 500 bill validators.

The System 500 was originally introduced in 1987. It was the first bill validator that accepted $1 through $20 bills. An innovation for many self-serve industries, allowing them to accept $10 and $20 bills had a great impact on their ability to generate additional revenues in the coin laundry, car wash, and amusement businesses. You can identify the System 500 bill acceptor by the BLACK decal that has “SYSTEM 500” and the Standard Change-Makers logo printed on the endcap.

While we are very proud that we have been able to support this product for 28 years, our ability to find replacement parts has proven to be costly and inefficient, as vendors have gone out of business or discontinued production of these older technologies. Many of these components have been updated or changed over time, but we have reached the end of our resources. And the older technology of the System 500 does not lend itself to being updated any further.

Standard has two viable options for customers that wish to keep their SC series changers with System 500 bill acceptors in working condition: (1) System 600-EF Upgrade Kits and (2) SC-MAX Conversion Kits

Sys600-EFThe System 600-EF is our latest generation of bill validator, and is a direct replacemnt for the System 500 and 500-E units. The CPU is faster, it has more onboard memory, validates quicker and uses a SD flash card for software and programming updates. The System 600-EF housing looks similar to the older acceptors and can fit in the same mounting brackets. The upgrade kit includes the System 600-EF bill acceptor, 40-watt power supply, acceptor cable and a modified mounting bracket that makes a small adjustment to bill acceptance positioning. The System 600-EF bill acceptor will work with the old keypad, separating stackers and coin hoppers; but we recommend upgrading to the hand-held Data Terminal for additional programming options.

SCMaxKitInstalledThe SC-MAX Conversion Kit allows you to replace the System 500 or 500-E bill acceptor with your choice of an MEI (Mars) or Coinco bill acceptor. Owners can keep their power supplies, coin hoppers and cabinets in place, but replace the bill validator with either of the two OEM validators. The MEI AE2600 and Coinco Vantage validators are downstacker models and accept $1 through $20 bills, have 4-way bill acceptance and stack all bills in a common stacker attached to the back of the validator. (PLEASE NOTE: The MEI and Coinco acceptors will NOT work with our separating stacker devices).

The SC-MAX Conversion Kit includes the mounting brackets, Out of Service Indicator lamp, SC-MAX Controller, and instructions for installing and operation. The SC-MAX Controller takes the place of the keypad, and provides many of the programmable, diagnostic and audit reporting features of the System 500 keypad. The blue LCD display and four buttons guide you through various menus and provide the input and feedback needed.

Both solutions are available by contacting the Standard Change-Makers Service Dept. The conversion kits can also be sold through authorized distributor parts or service departments.

As always, if you have any service related questions on any Standard Change-Makers products, please contact our Service Department by calling 1-800-968-6955 or email: Kris Kious, National Service Mgr., Standard Change-Makers

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