The automotive industry is currently on a record-breaking strike for cars sold during the year. According to Business Insider, the year’s sales may top the car sales record that occurred in 2000, when 17.4 million vehicles were sold. The increase of cars on the road will create more of a need for additional carwashes. Fortunately, for carwash owners, Standard Change-Makers. Inc. is already anticipating the need to improve carwash capabilities, as the number of customers –and competitors’ customers –increases. Standard Change-Makers product SitePRO is an innovative management tool for carwash owners who cannot be present, while the carwash is in operation. SitePRO allows owners to monitor and record carwash activities from any location, helping them to ensure that their businesses run smoothly, while they enjoy the freedom of working from home or elsewhere.

Whether or not the customers pull up to your carwash sporting new or old vehicles, they will still expect improvements in service, year after year, that match current available technology and provide advantages over competitors’ carwashes. Faster transaction times, loyalty programs, and top-of-the-line washes can help owners to retain regular customers and bring in new ones. The increase in automobile sales like Ford, with F-series truck that peaked in January, and SUV sales that took place in December, reached their highest, since 2003, has not occurred in over a decade. This rise in automobile sales means more vehicles will need to be washed –will you be ready for the business spike when it arrives?

Standard Change-Makers’ SitePRO Remote Management Systems connect with the Guardian XP series Carwash Entry Systems to allow owners to monitor all bays at once or to monitor multiple sites. SitePRO systems provide fast credit card processing that can double as a loyalty system, alarm notification with text messages, complete wash site accounting, and more, making it easy for you to stay on top of your business from anywhere and provide superior service for a greater number of customers. Many car wash owners are entrepreneurs with limited previous car wash business experience, and SitePRO makes it easier for those new-to-the-business owners to ensure that all of their bases are covered. Standard Change-Makers has manufactured machines for turnkey business for more than 60 years, meaning that we learn from our existing customers, and that helps us to anticipate and respond to trends that impact the industries we serve.

The dramatic uptick in car purchases and resulting demand in automotive production has impacted every major car manufacturer this year with sales numbers we have not seen in quite some time. The car wash industry is predicted to expand, as some municipalities put restrictions on home water usage. The new SitePRO Management Systems interface with the accompanying Guardian XP series Car Wash Entry System is the best answer to the expected boom in the car wash industry, and the changes it will entail. Make sure that you’re equipment is updated and capable. Contact Standard Change-Makers for information on our cutting-edge technology.