More and more, we live in a self-service world. Gas stations, laundromats, the local car wash, ATMs – the list is endless, and it keeps growing. It makes good financial sense. A business owner can run numerous locations without having to be onsite each day, or even hire attendants. The key to a smooth operation is simply having the right technology to let the customer help themselves.

That’s where Standard Change-Makers comes in. They’ve been manufacturing change-making machines since the 1950s. With the advent of vending machines, founder Jim McNutt recognized the need for machines that could change coins the machines couldn’t take into coins they could. In the sixties, Standard Change-Makers introduced machines that could accept silver dollars and Kennedy half-dollar coins, and by the eighties, machines could accept $1, $5, $10 and $20 dollar bills.

Today, the increasing variety of businesses that need change machines has led Standard Change-Makers to design four new Bill-to-Bill Exchangers, creating several options to better suit the needs of its customers. As businesses vary in the denominations of bills they need a self-service system to dispense, Standard Change-Makers designed the BX1010RL, BX1020RL, BX1030RL, and BX1040RL.

The BX1010RL is a rear loading, single note dispensing machine, featuring the Fujitsu F50 – Single-Note Bill Dispenser. This dispenser allows the owner to load bills vertically, directly into the dispenser. The bill dispenser is mounted to a special base that pulls out and turns the dispenser to an angle, which makes it easier to load. The BX1010RL is programmed to “Make Best Change”, or simply put: dispense the proper number of bills in order to make the best change available.

The BX1020RL, BX1030RL, and BX1040RL feature the Fujitsu F53 – Dual-Note Bill Dispenser with two cassettes, three cassettes, and four cassettes, respectively. This dispenser uses cassettes that are loaded with bills. The cassettes have a value based on the denomination in each, and are loaded into the dispenser unit. You can load the same denomination in each cassette, or load a different denomination in each cassette, based on your business needs.

Standard’s BX – Bill-to-Bill Exchanger Series machines are designed to be an on-premise “automated attendant,” providing straight bill-to-bill exchange. Some of the possible locations for Bill Exchanger machines include attended or unattended coin laundries, card laundries, car washes, museums, zoos and aquariums, or paid parking lots – anywhere that customers would appreciate the convenience of being able to break higher denomination bills into smaller denominations.

Competition is intense in today’s marketplace. Customers have a lot of choices, so you want to make your business as user-friendly as possible and encourage repeat business by giving your customers a pleasant, positive experience. Start with products from Standard Change-Makers.

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