Security Built into Every Change Machine

If you currently use change machines at your business, you recognize the convenience of offering this service, but you probably also worry about the security aspect. Change machines are built to be robust, but they aren’t impenetrable. What you can do is look for a changer that has been carefully designed to provide the best security possible. These attributes include solid welded seams, heavy-duty steel, rolled door design, and small bill acceptor openings. In addition to the structure, including an optional alarm system can enhance the security of your machine.

Solid Welded Seams

When a cabinet is one piece, this makes finding weaknesses harder. The machines should be cut and bent so that the two side and back are one piece. The top and bottom are then bent and mated. A weld along the entire seam of each side of the top and bottom pieces delivers exceptional integrity to the metal. It should not be spot welded, which can cause vulnerabilities.

Heavy-Duty Steel

What the change machine is made of is just as important as how it is constructed. For the right steel, look for those made with heavy gauge steel. You’ll want at least a 12-gauge steel (equivalent of  7/64” thick). Thicker steel provides more strength, but as your thickness increases – it is usually harder to bend without causing fractures.

Most change machine manufacturers use mild steel – because it is easier to bend, weld and work with than stainless steel or other steel. Once the cabinet is formed and welded, all surfaces are painted to provide weather protection.

Rolled Door Design

A rolled door provides more security than a flat door of the same thickness, which is what many of these types of cabinets have. A rolled edge fits into the cabinet. This tiny design upgrade offers additional fortitude at the seam around the door. This in turn makes it much harder to pry open.

Small Bill Acceptor Openings

When you have a small bill accept opening, only a small part of the bezel protrudes from the cabinet. This makes it much more difficult to be pushed in and compromised. Just one more design feature you should seek for the most secure change machine.

Alarm Systems

While all these features can deter thieves, if you have a location that requires additional security measures – it’s a good idea to add an optional Alarm System. The alarm system includes a door switch, vibration detector, siren horn, reset button, and a dry contact connection to your building security system. If the machine is being struck with an object, or someone attempts to pry a seam the vibration detector will sense this and sound the alarm. If the door is pried open, the door switch will then sound the siren alarm if not reset. This can all be integrated into your building alarm – which will in turn alert the authorities.

Motion Detectors in Back Rooms

In our previous discussion, we mentioned that Rear Load change machines are more secure than front load machines. Another thing to consider for rear load machines is the use of a motion detector and camera in the back room connected to your alarm system.

At Standard Change, we offer all these options for our change machines. As a supplier of quality, reliable change machines, we understand the importance of protecting your assets and want to deliver first-class cabinets that can stand up to many different burglary attempts. We invite you to view all our change makers and see the difference.