Those old pros out there will recognize the Model Numbers: SC62 or SC22RL: the single bill acceptor models with two coin hoppers. The front load SC62 and rear load SC22RL both hold up to 6,400 quarters in heavy-duty steel cabinets. Both have two crank locks and Medeco lock plugs. These popular models have been used in a variety of industries, from car washes and laundromats to concessions and libraries.

And both have our Sys600 Series, AC-powered coin hoppers. That’s right! Those AC-powered hoppers have been cranking out quarters since 1983. Service techs know these designs and rave about them. They have dispensed millions of coins over the years.

Now we’ve combined the security of the SC60 Series cabinets and the reliability of those System 600 coin hoppers with the new SC-CONVERSION KIT and a down-stacking MEI Bill Acceptor for $1 – $20 bill acceptance, as we introduce the Model #SC62-SCC (Front Load) and SC22RL-SCC (Rear Load).

By replacing the System 600-EF Bill Acceptor and Separating Stacker from the base models, and integrating the SC-Conversion Kit with the popular Mars (MEI) bill acceptor, we’ve created a more cost effective solution for these older, familiar models that owners can depend on.


The SC-Conversion Kit features the SC-Conversion Controller. Similar in design to the EF Module and Data Terminal, the SC Conversion Controller has a LCD display and menu system to view diagnostic, programming, and audit-reporting functions. It even includes the new Remote Notification Feature! This feature allows for an Ethernet connection into your network router, and the machine can send out a daily audit report and out-of-service alert to your mobile phone or email.

When you fill the machine with quarters, you can enter the starting count and a low-level indicator point. When the machine reaches that level, it will send an alert to you.

The Remote Notification Feature only sends information; no one logs in to the machine. Therefore, it’s safe and secure, restricting access and protecting your investment.

Contact your local Standard Change-Makers, Inc. distributor for more information on these new SC series models and pricing.

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