“A healthy scare is as good as a healthy laugh. In fact, they’re two sides of the same coin.” -Mark Gatiss

Every year, millions of Americans flock to their local happy haunt to absorb the thrills and chills of the Halloween season. According to Larry Kirchner of Hauntworld.com, it’s an estimated $1 billion-dollar industry, just for haunted houses alone. When you factor in other Halloween juggernauts like pumpkin patches, farms, and fall festivals, that estimate skyrockets. The potential to rake in an immense amount of revenue is huge, in a very short period of time.

In 2013, over 158 million people claimed they were going to take part in Halloween activities, and making sure your event is prepared for a variety of point of sale options is critical for growth. HauntBay.com says that since 2005, spending for Halloween activities has jumped a whopping 57 percent and averages up to $75 per person on costumes, decor and fun…phenomenal growth for an industry built on pumpkins and scares!

At Standard Change-Makers, we design and manufacture ticket dispensers and currency changers for the amusement and theme park industries. These machines stand at the forefront of technology for bill validation, electronic dispense, and modular “plug and play” components for full customization. What does that mean? Our token and ticket dispensers are just what your haunted playground needs for complete cash management and admission automation.


Many haunts & pumpkin patches have incorporated the MC350RL-TIK (Cash-to-Ticket) and the MC350RL-CC (Credit card-to-Ticket) machines in to their locations. It helps reduce long lines during busy periods, takes cash out of attendants hands, and allows fast credit card processing to handle large ticket purchases. With automated ticket dispensing solutions, the haunt can reduce operating expenses because they don’t have to hire as many attendants to sell tickets.

Taking a page from Carnival Operators, some operators have built secured kiosks that have attendants windows in the front, and automated ticket dispensers on the sides. Keeping their cash operations in the same area at the entrance, and in a more secure setting.

If you’re looking to speed up and automate your admissions process, our ticket dispensers are another way to keep your cash secure while doling out fun for your guests. By embracing automation, petty theft and calculation inaccuracies are kept to a minimum, giving you an accurate count at the end of every night. These versatile machines get the job done.


Pumpkin Patches have had success with the smaller MCM100-TIK (Cash-to-Ticket) machine. This small footprint machine can be mounted to a wall (with the optional wall mount bracket) or anchored to a table or counter top. It is a simple-function machine used to dispense redemption tickets for corn mazes, pumpkin cannons, hayrides, snacks and beverages.

With so many other things to keep track of, why worry about your money? We have over 60 years of experience in the industry and our knowledgeable service support staff is available to help you troubleshoot. We encourage you to browse our website and give us a call to find out how we can help you capitalize on your spooky festivities this Halloween. Trick or Treat!
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