Today it seems that we can have everything we want at the touch of a button. When the first automated roast beef dinner debuted in a vending machine in the 1940’s, people thought the idea was ludicrous. But the quick and efficient method of payment-collection and product-dispensation caught on. Today, you can purchase anything from new headphones to your morning coffee through an automated checkout station.

The market for unattended retail is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years. By 2020, it is believed that this will become a $275 billion industry. Many companies are still working hard to find ways to improve on the already convenient process. At Standard Change-Makers, we refuse to settle for the “standard” technology. We see the possibilities in the self-service retail industry, and we plan to make them the reality for the thousands of owners and operators we serve.

In response to these industry trends, we’ve adapted our MC100 system to fit the modern marketplace. Our versatile machine adapts to nearly any need or situation. From college dorm laundry rooms to batting cages, the MC100 can validate and dispense bills efficiently. Standard Change’s devices not only save your customers time, but give you a reputation for fast and reliable service.

Our team started designing the Modular Series change machines in 2003. For more than a decade since, we have worked diligently to not only keep these machines relevant, but also to stay in step with trends in technology. The machine, which accepts any denomination of currency between $1 and $20 bills, has been adapted to meet the needs of a fast-paced market. Thus, our machines validate and dispense quickly, while returning currency in the denomination most beneficial to both the vendor and customer.

The MC100 depends on a simple “Make Best Change” principle that is at the heart of the technology. Standard Change also has created change machines with all the “bells and whistles” that some owners desire and need to properly track their business. With the Modular Series technology, we took into account that there are companies who have grown and excelled through simplicity and are simply looking for a reliable solution at an affordable price. By offering a solid machine without unnecessary accessories they don’t want or use, we develop stronger and mutually beneficial relationships built on the trust that we have the best interests of their business in mind.

At Standard Change, we have been manufacturing currency changers since 1955. We have worked hard to develop the machines we produce and ensure that they are meeting the needs of our customers. Not only does the MC100 offer modern technology, but it also saves your customers time. With the option of leaving your business unattended, you can increase efficiency in your professional life as well. To find out how the MC100 can be a positive change for your business, visit today!