If you use change machines then you know like anything with cash, there is a risk they could be vandalized or robbed. A change machine isn’t a vault or safe. No change machine is completely impenetrable; however, some are designed more secure than others. With proper construction, change machines can be much more robust and harder to breach. As a provider of quality change machines for decades, Standard Change believes it’s important to educate change machine operators of the differences in models and features, so you can make the best selection.

Front Loading vs. Rear Loading

Most rear loading machines offer a more discrete way to open the machine so that any customers don’t see the currency, which could be a big deterrent. Ideally, you will want to access the machine in a secure, private area like an office or storage space. This require adequate floor space and planning so it’s not always feasible. If you are limited and only have the space for a front-loading machine, there are, however, some additional safety precautions you can take.

Employ Two Locks

If you must use a front-loading machine then choose a cabinet design, which incorporates two locks offering added security. A double lock is also a good idea for rear loading. With two locks, you make it twice as hard for a would-be thief to crack the machine.

Lock Options: Crank Locks vs. T-Handle Locks

The next feature to compare is the types of locks. A crank lock requires the use of a z-shaped crank bar. It works by inserting the crank bar into a hole and matching it up with the slotted lock then turning the crank to lock/unlock the door. A keyed lock plug fills the holes, preventing access. Standard Change recommends the Medeco lock plug for crank locks. Medeco, made of high-speed steel, is very hard to drill out. Medeco also does not sell key blanks to locksmiths, thus a Medeco key cannot be duplicated. Replacement keys are available from the original supplier of the lock plug only.

The T-handle lock is the standard lock used on vending machine. Opening it is simple. Just insert the key into the lock plug of the T-handle, and the spring-loaded “T” pops out. Turning the “T” to locks or unlocks the door. To engage the lock, close the door and push the “T” back into its locked position. Our default T-handle lock is supplied with an Ace lock plug. A T-handle lock would not be considered sophisticated or highly secure. That’s why we recommend a Medeco lock plug upgrade for the T-handle.

The crank lock, as a two-part locking system, is more secure than the T-handle. If a thief is able to get past the lock plug, he still needs the crank to open the door. This would be a time intensive endeavor, which can also be helpful in theft deterrence. 

Protecting Your Assets

When it comes to your business’ money, we are here to offer the most advanced change machines. In self-service, change machines are vital. You need one that works well for customers while also protecting your assets. You can view our entire line of change machines here. Should you have any questions about these options, please contact us. We’re here to help supply you with efficient, effective and secure equipment.