There is a reason experts consistently cite coin-operated laundries as one of the safest investments for entrepreneurs. Ideally, a coin-operated laundromat represents a low-risk, reliable income source. It’s a cash business that requires no franchise fees, small inventories and you can manage your own time investment. In fact, many owners run their laundromats part-time. Customer demand and cash flow are both relatively consistent. After all, people will always need to do their laundry—even in a recession.

However, maintaining a smooth-running laundromat requires careful planning and well-informed choices. In general, starting a laundry business involves finding a ­strategically viable location with a dense customer base. And while location is a big factor in the success of your laundry, your facility’s design can either keep your customers happy or drive them to the competition. Many coin laundry customers report that they prefer a clean, safe, efficient, convenient place to do laundry – and your store’s look and personality can go a long way toward portraying the right image. Many modern laundry equipment distributors have significant experience in scouting locations, designing and renovating all types of laundry facilities. After analyzing the demographic studies of your location’s customer base, they’ll work with you to create an appealing environment that differentiates your store from the competition.

And while customers will be attracted to an appealing environment, that alone does not guarantee success if it isn’t backed by reliable equipment. At some point, a big portion of the profit generated by a coin-operated laundry is run through a change machine. Many owners refer to the change machine as the “life blood” of their business. Problems with the change machine mean frustrated customers, and frustrated customers mean problems with your profit. Therefore, ensuring consistent profitability requires investing in reliable change machines backed by solid customer support.

Standard Change-Makers designs and builds currency change machines known for high security, durability and value. Whether your location warrants a simple-function change machine or a mix of bill/coin change machines and bill exchangers customized to your exact specifications, you’ll find that Standard has a product mix that will serve your needs.

To meet the needs of our small laundry rooms or budget-minded owners we designed two rear-load change machines, the MC300RL (single hopper) and the MC400RL (double hopper). These strong and dependable models are built with the traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail for which Standard Change-Makers is well known. The faceplates of these rear load models are made of heavy-gauge stainless steel and contain galvanized steel hopper(s), that will dispense 4 to 6 coins per second. Capacity of each hopper is up to 3,200 quarters (or up to 2,500 $1 coins). These machines can be built with your choice of OEM bill acceptors: Coinco Vantage (our default bill acceptor), MEI (Mars) AE2600 series, Pyramid APEX 7000 series or Cashcode Currenza (for our Canadian customers).

Laundromat owners understand the value of a smart investment. They invested in coin-operated laundromats because the industry represents a potentially steady, reliable and “recession-proof” form of income. But the payoffs of the business require owners make the right decisions upfront. Standard Change-Makers bill and coin changers are an essential component of any successful laundromat enterprise.