Everyone loves a fun celebration, no matter the time of year! There are carnivals and barbecues in the summer, and you can’t miss the corn mazes and haunted houses in the fall. The winter brings holiday parades and New Year’s Eve festivities, while springtime unfolds with various outdoor festivals and end-of-school activities. As an event manager, it’s important to have tokens and tickets on hand for these types of events. Standard Change-Makers can help you run a seamless celebration with advanced change machine solutions.

Tokens or tickets are a popular form of currency during parades, festivals, carnivals, and haunted houses. Attendees can easily flow between various games and activities with one form of currency. This reduces the need to have workers on hand to handle monetary transactions. Plus, attendees tend to spend more when using tickets—and lines are shorter.

There are several benefits to using a change machine during an event. Perhaps the best thing is the high level of security and fraud prevention the machines provide, as fewer employees or volunteers handle actual money. Furthermore, each machine is outfitted with a rear load feature for additional security. Another benefit for event organizers is Standard Change machines keep payments to specific areas in an event space. Employees can streamline payments to minimize any potential issues.

A positive feature for customers is each machine accepts credit cards to earn tokens or tickets. As the culture becomes more digitally-focused, it’s important to serve consumers who don’t carry cash. Token machines offer event managers and customers alike convenience, ease of use, and security.

With our variety of change machine offerings, we’ve been helping planners and venues manage events for more than 60 years. We are proud to continue to help our clients create successful events with our high-quality, easy-to-use machines. By creating a cashless event, you’re deterring theft, increasing revenues, and enhancing the customer experience.

Because tickets and tokens are important to the financial success of your event, you need the best solution—from Standard Change-Makers. Our Plug & Play features allows event managers to create the best machine for their specific needs.

Check out all the token and change machines we recommend for events: standardchange.com/page_specialty.html.