(INDIANAPOLIS) Standard Change-Makers, Inc. announces the introduction of the new EF+ Module, the next generation of the Expanded Function (EF) Module – a popular feature for the Modular Series change machines, Bill Exchangers and Bill & Coin Exchanger Series machines. The new EF+ Module includes an Ethernet port, and uses an Ethernet cable to connect to a local network router. Once connected and programmed, the EF+ is capable of emailing or texting a daily audit report and low level coin hopper levels or out of service alerts.

Equipped with the push-button, tactile input buttons and the LCD display in a strong steel enclosure, the EF+ Module retains all the functions and features of the original EF Module, such as:

  • Programmable Pay-Outs – ideal for bonus token & ticket dispensers
  • Drivers for Credit Card Acceptance – LCD Display and Selection Buttons
  • Last 10 Bills Accepted – with time and date stamp
  • “Revenue In” & “Revenue Out” Audit Reporting – tracking individual acceptors and dispensers
  • Diagnostic Reports – Log of Error Codes with time and date stamps
  • Last 10 Bills Accepted – with time and date stamp
  • Resttable and Perpetual Audit Reports
  • Interface with Portable Audit Printer or Receipt & Audit Printer – to print hard copy receipt reports

In addition to these features, the EF+ Module, when connected to the internet, can also send a Quick Email Audit Report. Thsi is a feature that was only available with a Portable Audit Printer or an installed Receipt and Audit Printer (on credit card accepting machines). The owner can open the door and push a button and the EF+ Module will send an Audit Report directly to their cell phone or office computer. The EF+ Module can be programmed to send reports to up to six email addresses or cell phones numbers.

The new EF+ Module will fit in any new or older model Modular (MC) Series change machine, as well as Bill Exchanger (BX/BCX) Series machines equipped with Fujitsu Bill dispensers (earlier models of BX/BCX machines use a different controller technology). If you have a machine that has the conrol board installed in the base of the coin hopper, you can use the new EF+ Module.

Contact your Standard Change-Makers Authorized Distributor, or your Standard Regional Sales Rep for more information on this new optional feature.

The EF+ Module is a great addition to our product line. Many long-time customers have asked for us for a remote notification solution, and this unit has done well in our field tests. We are pleased to have a reliable solution for those owners that want to monitor their change machine without.

Mike Coons, VP/National Sales Mgr; Standard Change-Makers