Don’t Be Left with Change—Change Your Change Machine to Standard Change-Maker 

We all know you get what you pay for, but sometimes we forget that fact when we buy something for our business. A cheap change machine may seem like a good idea at the time, but when you buy inexpensive now, you often pay more later. Imagine buying a change machine that’s cheap, built with OEM parts, and isn’t designed and manufactured by the same company. What happens if it breaks down? Who do you contact when the warranty runs out? 

While the company you bought it from is pointing the finger at suppliers, and the suppliers are pointing their fingers at the design engineering firms, your customers cannot get the change they need to pay for your services. While it’s down, you aren’t making money, and if your change machine is down enough times, you can permanently lose customers, who will find a place with a more reliable change machine. In the words of our founder, Jim McNutt, Sr.: “Nothing beats quality like a low price!” 

The quality of Standard Change-Maker Machines means a higher price up front, but it also means a long-lasting machine backed by great service. It means keeping your customers in the change they need. While many American manufacturers have turned to outsourcing some or all of their manufacturing processes, Standard Change-Makers, Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality products right here in the USA since 1955. They cut no corners in their product development process by keeping the manufacturing in-house. 

All of the machines’ metal components are crafted from steel with solid welded seams right there in their Indianapolis plant, to guarantee quality of the construction. Our Design Engineers create the plans that our Production team uses to cut, bend and weld components. Our Software Engineers write all the code in our controllers – and that’s who our Service Technicians work with when troubleshooting problems. As a result, Standard Change-Makers proudly manufacturers change machines of the highest quality and performance standards.

Hard-working Americans—that’s what makes up the Standard Change-Maker’s labor force—many of whom have been with the company for more than 20 years. These long-term employees have a strong base of knowledge, experience, and expertise; allowing Standard Change-Makers to provide quick responses to customer input to improve product offerings. In fact, many Standard Change-Makers product innovations have begun with a customer’s request or comment to one of their sales representatives or technicians—this close relationship between their team and their customers would be impossible if they outsourced their jobs.

The design engineers, software engineers, service support and sales teams work together to innovate and improve products and keep machines’ software updated. As a result, they have a great reputation for building the most secure cabinets and the most reliable changers, and providing the best investment value of any change machine. The quality of the machines is a testament to the commitment of their hard-working employees and distributors. 

It pays off in the long run to buy a high-quality change machine from a reputable company with a long history of quality service. Standard Change Machines set the “standard” in bill, coin, and card acceptance and change, token, and ticket dispenses.

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