A tour group steps up to the change machine at your business with cash at the ready, eager to purchase tokens for a round of competitive Skee-Ball, or maybe a ticket for a trip through the haunted house. But a previous customer’s flimsy $5 bill has jammed the bill acceptor. Out of options, the tour group piles back onto the bus.

The next morning, you swing by to collect and audit the machine and realize you’ve missed out on some revenue opportunities, and potentially lost a few customers. Who knows how much you lost or how long it’s even been jammed? The world around us is connected 24/7. Why should you and the change machines at your business miss out?

Once the EF+ Module is installed, the scenario above plays out much differently. As soon as the bill acceptor jams, you will receive a notification on your cell phone or computer. You’ve identified a solution before that tour group even pulls up. In fact, you probably knew before your attendants. Cha-ching!

The EF+ Module turns a that plain change machine into a smart machine. With a massive array of customizable options, it’s possible to produce detailed audit reports, monitor error log reports, and check the past twenty bills your machine has accepted with a time and date stamp to boot. If you choose to enable the perpetual audit report for constant feedback, password-protecting that vital information is just a few button-presses away. You can program up to five different mobile phones (SMS messaging) or email addresses – so there’s a good possibility that you will get the alert regardless of where you are or what you’re doing.

Best of all, when you inevitably spend time away from the machine, you can program audit reports to arrive daily, or weekly, to keep you in the loop. If that audit report looks unusual or doesn’t reflect a busy weekend of activity – you can alert an attendant to check that it’s working properly.

With information regarding busy times and types of exchanges for change machines, you can streamline the way you manage those machines. A business without relevant metrics is a blind business. The EF+ Module is your key to receiving vital information that isn’t available anywhere else.

Standard Change-Makers Inc. has spent more than 60 years designing change machines. Optional features like the EF+ Module deserve service support from the experts who designed and manufactured them. That’s exactly what Standard Change-Makers offers: professional support from a small, dedicated team. Being able to communicate directly with both the designers and manufacturers of the product you rely on makes for an unmatched level of service support.

Like all Standard Change-Makers products, the EF+ Module was designed to last. Heavy-duty steel enclosure set these products apart from the very beginning. A dedicated Ethernet connection between the EF+ module and your hi-speed internet router ensures that finicky Wi-Fi never interrupts the flow of essential information.

Standard Change-Makers Inc. begins the design process with two words in mind: simple function. The rest of the process emerges from that central goal. The purity and accessibility of that approach shines through in all Standard Change-Makers Inc. Products, and the EF+ Module is no exception.