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Still Making Great Products 8 Years After “How It’s Made”

Gone through a car wash lately? Been to the laundry mat or the video arcade? You’ve probably used a change machine made by Standard Change-Makers. Since 1955, Standard Change-Makers have been building and servicing quality products. They are constantly coming up with fresh innovations, and their products have become part of most businesses where automated payment and disbursement exists. In the 1950’s, the popularity of [...]

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SitePRO: The Car Wash Industry’s Answer to the Auto Sales Boom

The automotive industry is currently on a record-breaking strike for cars sold during the year. According to Business Insider, the year’s sales may top the car sales record that occurred in 2000, when 17.4 million vehicles were sold. The increase of cars on the road will create more of a need for additional carwashes. Fortunately, for carwash owners, Standard Change-Makers. Inc. is already anticipating the [...]

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How Standard Change is Detecting Counterfeit Currency with Advanced Technology

Currency counterfeiting is an age-old problem. The advent of cash-based transaction technologies has led criminals to create fake bills and coins designed specifically to trick bill-changing machines. Though a perfect solution to counterfeiting has never been found, business owners need smart machines that can effectively outwit counterfeiters by detecting even the most convincing counterfeit bills and coins. Standard Change-Makers, Inc. designs and manufactures change machines [...]

By | June 14th, 2016|Categories: Sales Blog, Service Blog|
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