Every year, a growing number of laundry services are switching over to a card based system. Instead of the traditional coin-operated machines, customers place money on a reusable card and swipe it each time they need to use a washer or dryer. In 2015, the Coin Laundry Association found 16% of all laundry services had already made the move to a card system. While this method of operation certainly benefits the owners, customers are often turned off by the prospect of loading their money onto a card rather than having the freedom to use that cash elsewhere.

For owners, tstandardchange1he prospect of collecting the large amount of coins from their machines is daunting. Collecting, rolling and exchanging that many quarters can be labor intensive and physically strenuous. Card stores not only eliminate this aspect of the job, but result in a sizeable amount of money placed on cards that is never used. This money is referred to as “float” by the industry, and has its advantage for the owners of the card laundry.

However, many customers of commercial laundries – even repeat customers – are not thrilled about leaving any value on their card when they leave the location. Further, if they need just a little more money on their laundry card to finish the drying cycle but only have a $20 bill in their wallet/purse – many times they will leave the store rather than put that much value on their card.

Standard Change-Makers has a solution for that customer – and owner. Our BX and BCX machines allow customers to break their higher denomination bills into smaller amounts, giving customers the freedom to load the amount they need onto their card without putting all of their cash into a machine. If a customer brings in a $20 bill, we can provide them with three $5 bills and five $1 bills, giving them the flexibility to place some of their cash on the card while still having the rest available to use for groceries or gas. Our machines help reduce the strenuous workload of owners while still catering to the needs of customers.

Many laundry services rely on attendants to be the face of the company. They not only provide a first impression but are often responsible for providing change. Standard’s Bill Exchanger (BX) and Bill-and-Coin Exchanger (BCX) machines are designed to be automated attendants. This not only saves the company money, but ensures change will be accurately distributed, resulting in fewer disgruntled customers. When dealing with a high-volume customer base, efficistandardchange2ency and accuracy are key to maintaining a profitable business. Standard Change-Makers’ machines help business owners achieve these key goals every day.

Whether a laundry offers a card-based option or coin-operated machines, a reliable currency changer can bring countless benefits. Our company has been designing and manufacturing these machines since 1955. We have provided a valuable resource for a variety companies, from car washes to amusement parks and vending machines. Our machines are more secure, accurate and cost effective than employing an attendant, and have been used by thousands of customers who all have high praise for our products. To learn how we can help streamline your operation, visit standardchange.com!