Visiting amusement parks is an incredibly fun American pastime. Amusement parks have something to offer almost everybody. Children and young adults are drawn to amusement parks for the thrill of exhilarating rides, while older adults visit to shop, eat, and enjoy the scenery. The equipment amusement parks need to function may be the last thing on visitors’ minds, but anyone who has worked in this industry knows that bill changers, change machines, and token dispensers are integral to operations. Standard Change-Makers, Inc. manufactures all of the equipment needed to run a successful amusement park.

The amusement park industry is a unique part of the entertainment sector. The industry continues to grow rapidly, with an annual growth rate of 3.7% from 2011-2016 due to increased consumer spending and a rise in numbers of both domestic and international visitors. Amusement parks have found a massive potential to increase profits by leveraging intellectual property rights from major film and entertainment franchises. By designing their rides with themes that reflect the most popular recent films, amusement park owners are able to draw in returning customers who have not visited in several years as well as new customers who might not otherwise have had strong interest in visiting their particular park. In fact, 2016 might be considered the Year of the Construction Crane in the amusement park industry: resorts are in the midst of a building frenzy as they hurry to create exciting, flashy new rides to compete for customers. The few major companies dominating the industry have also sought to increase growth by expanding beyond America’s borders into China and the Middle East.

Of course, amusement parks have employed smaller-scale tactics to increase their profit margins as well. Arcades in amusement parks offer something for visitors to do in colder weather or when they want to take a break from rides. Parks entice visitors to explore arcades by offering several free tokens, which encourages visitors to come back and continue patronizing the arcade. Change machines, bill changers, and token machines like the ones Standard Change-Makers produces are necessary for a token-based or coin-based arcade to operate.

Standard Change-Makers products, which allow customers to select optional features, are incredibly sturdy and come with a two-year limited warranty. The steel coin hoppers in Standard Change-Makers coin dispensers use direct drive motors that do not require lubrication or replacement of belts or chains. This is good news for any amusement park employee who works in an arcade where machines are in near-constant use. Standard Change-Makers also offers proven service support by knowledgeable technicians to keep machines up and running at all times.

Amusement parks continue to grow and evolve, but they will always be in need of bill changers and token dispensers. Token and coin-based arcades are a tried-and-true way for amusement parks to increase business. If you work in the amusement park industry, be sure to explore Standard Change-Makers products to see how they can help your business grow.