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Not All Change Machines Are Created Equal: Discover How to Choose the Most Secure Option

If you use change machines then you know like anything with cash, there is a risk they could be vandalized or robbed. A change machine isn’t a vault or safe. No change machine is completely impenetrable; however, some are designed more secure than others. With proper construction, change machines can be much more robust and harder to breach. As a provider of quality change machines [...]

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Token and Ticket Dispensers Provide Event Organizers Better Accuracy and Higher Profits

Many churches, clubs, and other organizations across the country sponsor events and festivals as a means of fundraising. Rather than charging entry fees, these groups prefer to sell tickets or tokens to be used for admission to rides, access to shows, food and beverage purchases, and more. However, this type of “controlled currency” approach necessitates proper token/ticket disbursement and accounting.  When contemplating using tokens or [...]

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