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The History of Standard Change

In 2016, you probably take for granted that snazzy one-dollar bill that you so effortlessly slide into a vending machine, but in 1964, Standard Change-Makers, a currency changer company with over sixty years’ experience, revolutionized the coin machine industry by introducing a “Bill Acceptor,” which allowed the acceptance of one-dollar bills into their U.S. change machines. James R. McNutt, Sr. founded Standard Change-Makers, Inc. in [...]

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How Cash Facilitates the American Small Business Owner

America has been built upon a culture of rugged individualism, and self-reliance. These values have instilled in many Americans the desire to start their own businesses. Even some of the world's largest international companies like Coca-Cola, Amazon, and Walmart had humble beginnings as small, entrepreneur-driven enterprises. Owning a small business can help people improve their lives by allowing them to escape the “rat race” of [...]

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