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What Makes Laundromats Low-Risk Investment Businesses?

There is a reason experts consistently cite coin-operated laundries as one of the safest investments for entrepreneurs. Ideally, a coin-operated laundromat represents a low-risk, reliable income source. It’s a cash business that requires no franchise fees, small inventories and you can manage your own time investment. In fact, many owners run their laundromats part-time. Customer demand and cash flow are both relatively consistent. After all, [...]

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How Standard Change is Detecting Counterfeit Currency with Advanced Technology

Currency counterfeiting is an age-old problem. The advent of cash-based transaction technologies has led criminals to create fake bills and coins designed specifically to trick bill-changing machines. Though a perfect solution to counterfeiting has never been found, business owners need smart machines that can effectively outwit counterfeiters by detecting even the most convincing counterfeit bills and coins. Standard Change-Makers, Inc. designs and manufactures change machines [...]

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Standard Change Prepared to Meet Growing Demand From Amusement Park Industry

Visiting amusement parks is an incredibly fun American pastime. Amusement parks have something to offer almost everybody. Children and young adults are drawn to amusement parks for the thrill of exhilarating rides, while older adults visit to shop, eat, and enjoy the scenery. The equipment amusement parks need to function may be the last thing on visitors’ minds, but anyone who has worked in this [...]

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