GIS 2018 Highlights

The Chief Bunker Rake made the World Premiere at GIS on Wednesday, February 7th, and was welcomed with enthusiastic open arms! Here at Standard Golf, we feel privileged to participate in this vital event in the golf world. The Chief impressed everyone with its smooth, consistent finish made possible by its two sides: one smooth and one ridged. Our newest bunker rake was developed through [...]

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SC62 & SC22RL Machines Available With SC-Conversion Kit

Those old pros out there will recognize the Model Numbers: SC62 or SC22RL: the single bill acceptor models with two coin hoppers. The front load SC62 and rear load SC22RL both hold up to 6,400 quarters in heavy-duty steel cabinets. Both have two crank locks and Medeco lock plugs. These popular models have been used in a variety of industries, from car washes and laundromats [...]

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Standing the test of Time: Standard Change-Makers

A trusted name since 1955, Standard Change-Makers has been creating and maintaining cutting edge, top-of-the-line equipment for customers in self-serve industries like laundromats, car washes, and arcades for over six decades. Housed in coin-operated businesses nationwide, their machines have stood the test of time, with continual improvements, adapting to the changing needs of consumers in an increasingly technology-driven age. They are proud of their high-quality [...]

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